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     performer,   collaborator, and  songsmith.

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Hailed as a "brilliant and collaborative" representative of her instrument (Jay Harvey, Upstage),  Liv Castor is an artist whose playing marries ancient and new traditions. Steeped from a young age in the sounds of the British folk and early music revivals of the last century, Liv first found her way into both of these genres through singing, a skill that has informed how she takes them to the harp.

    After many years of classical pedal harp study, Liv was drawn back to the lever harp (clàrsach) and her first loves of early and traditional music whilst pursuing a degree in harp performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Surrounded by world-class musicians of all different genres, Liv honed her improvisational and ensemble skills to become the in-demand collaborator and soloist that she is now. As an active researcher and collector, she loves to seek out lesser known gems of songs and tunes and put them into fresh contexts, and as a composer, she strives to bring the essences of the traditions she loves into more contemporary pieces. In addition to her skills as an instrumentalist, Liv is a dedicated student, speaker, and singer of Scottish Gaelic, a language which has influenced her approach to traditional music in profound ways.


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